Since July 2023 all restaurants are required to use reusable cups for drinks served in their restaurants.

Combined with a regulation that requires restaurants accept customer-supplied (BYO) cups, the two regulations are tackling tackle single-use cups, one of the top litter items across Canada, and mostly unrecyclable.

The City’s regulation includes a number of other measures, including: 

  • Ban on foam containers, bowls and cups
  • Ban on single-use plastic bags, and a fee on single-use paper bags
  • Restaurants must accept customer-supplied clean cups
  • Restaurants must provide reusable cups for dine-in orders
  • Only offer accessories-on-request - including online, delivery and drive-through orders.

The City of Edmonton’s regulation provides comprehensive support to help small businesses and community groups make the transition – free signs and notices in multiple languages, training guides and videos, guidance on the best options, and a micro-grant that could be used to install dishwashing infrastructure, purchase reusable cups and get technical support to make the changes to ordering apps. 

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