On December 13th, TEA and the Reusable Toronto initiative hosted an online event, focused on how Toronto can ditch the disposables and make the shift towards reusables and a waste-free city!

Watch the recording and learn about:

  • How local reuse solutions can address our plastic problem.
  • Why reusables are a win for the environment, for people, and for local small businesses.
  • Inspiring examples of reuse solutions from around the world and here in Toronto.
  • How we can push our governments for bold action on reusables - from the federal ban on single-use plastic to Toronto’s Single-Use Reduction Strategy.
  • How you can be part of creating a local reuse revolution - from supporting on-the-ground solutions to advocating for policy change!


Reusable Toronto (www.reusabletoronto.ca) is an initiative of local organizations, reuse champions, researchers, businesses, and community members, convened by the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). Together, we’re working to eliminate waste and shift Toronto away from disposables to reusables. We advocate for policy, connect locally, and research to amplify real solutions.