Every day, single-use plastic ends up in our environment, our waterways, and in landfills. Plastic is harming the environment and people’s health at every stage, from extracting fossil fuels to produce plastic to plastic pollution in our environment. 

Single-use foodware - like clamshell containers, cutlery, and cups - creates tonnes of waste each year. Whether it's unrecyclable plastic contaminating the recycling bin, unused plastic cutlery in people’s homes,or plastic containers that end up in a landfill, there’s too much unnecessary single-use foodware. The good news is that there’s a solution, and it’s good for the environment, for people and local businesses. 


To tackle the plastic crisis, we need to stop producing so much plastic in the first place and shift to reuse and refill systems. There’s a growing movement in cities across the world to eliminate single-use foodware and shift to reusable alternatives. Reusable foodware - such as “bring-your-own” cups and containers, reusable dishes for dining in, and reusable takeaway container programs - is a real solution to the plastics crisis that benefits people, businesses and the environment. 

Other cities and jurisdictions are passing new reuse policies, and Toronto can, too!


Right now, we have an opportunity to shift Toronto toward reusables in food services. Because of public demand, governments are starting to take action: 

  • The Federal government is banning six single-use plastic items including cutlery, bags and some food containers, starting in December 2023. 
  • The City of Toronto is moving forward with its Single-Use and Take Away Items Reduction Strategy, starting with an education program for businesses. Next, they’ll consider new regulations and policies. 

By creating new reuse policies and programs for local foodservice businesses, Toronto can eliminate harmful disposables and create real solutions. Here in our city, we have a growing reuse movement with community groups, businesses and individuals demonstrating local on-the-ground reuse solutions.

Join the campaign and help support a reusable future for Toronto!